The Ultra Platform (UOS) deploys its first public iteration

The Ultra Video Game Distribution Platform (UOS), based on the blockchain, is deploying its first public iteration. Some users can now join the platform, which will open on a larger scale in early 2021.

In order to ensure that the deployment of its platform runs smoothly and that the largest possible number of users can benefit from all its features, Ultra is proceeding with a progressive launch divided into 3 stages. During each stage, an increasing number of users will be able to access the Ultra platform.

Provided that the technical and user experience Bitcoin Freedom review features meet the team’s expectations, new features will be integrated as the launch process progresses.

As of today, Ultra is starting to contact trusted members of the community to become the very first public users of the platform. In order to offer the best possible onboarding experience, access to Ultra will be limited to a small group of people to start with.

„We believe that our first supporters are the best qualified to provide sincere and valuable feedback,“ said Ultra.

More community members will have the opportunity to be selected in the second wave.

Wave 1 Ultra

The 2nd wave
By early 2021, more community members will have access to Ultra. Among the new functionalities, the platform should notably move from testnet to mainnet at this time. This is a major milestone for the project, which will appropriately celebrate this with special events.

This new wave of Ultra users will be selected from among community members who have previously registered on the site or who will have participated in some of the community events that will take place from now on.

Wave 3 Ultra

The 3rd wave
Finally, the 3rd wave will allow a wide range of users to try the Ultra platform. Access will be limited, as Ultra will strengthen its activities and extend its scope to new regions.

However, a significant number of people will have access, including players and influencers who are not necessarily familiar with the blockbuster world. Ultra will share more details about this at the end of the 2nd wave.

Wave 2 Ultra

How do I get to Ultra?
Ultra’s team is already granting a few community members access to the first public iteration of the platform. When the 2nd wave begins, Ultra will organize multiple contests and community events to gain access to the platform.

„This will not only be a great way for our community members to increase their chances of getting in early, but it will also be an opportunity to win prizes such as exclusive gifts, including UOS,“ adds Ultra.

And when it launches, you can retweet the launch announcement on Twitter to get a chance to access Ultra as early as wave 2:

To increase your chances of accessing the Ultra platform before everyone else, you can also register on a list as a gamer or game developer.

During the 2nd wave, Ultra will update its tools to include some features that its developers are currently fine-tuning to prepare the Ultra platform for the general public. Then, Ultra will open its doors to the many other users with incredible offers that you don’t want to miss.

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