Crypto Twitter celebrates Christmas with new record high

Merry Christmas – Crypto Twitter celebrates Christmas with new record high for Bitcoin

Crypto-Twitter sends exuberant Christmas greetings after Bitcoin (BTC) hit another record high.

At press time, the Bitcoin price on Bitstamp had last hit a high of US$24,661.76, improving on the recent record high set this week. Altcoins are also making gains in the market leader’s slipstream, with Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and XRP all making significant gains.

Crypto-influencers and Bitcoin advocates have celebrated the new record on Twitter accordingly, while advising investors to keep holding on to their crypto funds. Winklevoss twins Cameron and Tyler, who are known for their legal battle with Mark Zuckerberg and are among the industry’s top minds with their crypto exchange Crypto Bank, wrote:

Merry Christmas! Santa left $24.5K #Bitcoin under the tree
– Cameron Winklevoss (@cameron) December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas! No coal this year, #Bitcoin 24.5k instead ☺️ Ho ho ho!
– Tyler Winklevoss (@tyler) December 25, 2020

While Cameron thanks Santa for giving him a bitcoin rate of $24,500, Tyler is happy that there’s not the rod this year, but the new record rate.

Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano also confirms that the record high makes his Christmas mood even sweeter.

Bitcoin hitting a new all-time on Christmas Day is the energy I’m here for.
– Pomp (@APompliano) December 25, 2020

Meanwhile, Mike Novogratz, the head of crypto investment bank Galaxy Digital, is celebrating with a very special gift. In his tweet, he holds up a glowing moon sphere to symbolise Bitcoin’s meteoric rise.

Favorite gift. The Moon.
– Mike Novogratz (@novogratz) December 25, 2020

Robert Breedlove, author of the book „Thank God for Bitcoin“, on the other hand, is a little less superficial and reminds his followers of the revolutionary potential of the cryptocurrency:

#Bitcoin incentivizes patience and reflection.

Fiat currency induces hurried and misguided investing to outpace inflation

Which world do you want to live in: one in which capital is allocated patiently and thoughtfully, or one in which it is allocated feverishly and manically?

„Bitcoin rewards patience and thoughtfulness. Fiat currencies, on the other hand, reward rash and mindless spending to get ahead of inflation. What kind of world do you want to live in? In a world where money is distributed calmly and mindfully, or in a world where it is squandered quickly and senselessly?“

Su Zhu of Three Arrows Capital again urges the crypto community to HODLn, meaning that investors should hold on to their assets to take further profits from the crypto market.